ALUVISA has professionals who are highly specialised in designing, installing and maintaining streetlight installations using traditional technology and, particularly in recent years, new LED

solutions. To this end, we also have specific tools to exploit and control consumption and availability of all elements that make up these installations in order to achieve maximum efficiency throughout their life cycle. In terms of energy efficiency in streetlights, ALUVISA has successfully implemented energy-efficient lighting solutions including:

LED Technology

ALUVISA has extensive experience in implementing energy-efficient streetlight systems:

  • Longer lifespan, over 60,000 hours
  • Low consumption, energy savings over 50%
  • Higher quality lighting, with light spectrums within the visible range
  • Minimal light contamination, under 0.5%
  • Minimal energy loss due to heat dissipation
  • More durable mechanics
  • Instant switch on without fluctuations
  • No UV and IR radiation emissions
  • Efficiency over 100 lum / W
  • Lower environmental impact
  • High luminous coefficient
  • Lower operations and maintenance costs
Conventional lighting
  • Regulating flow
  • Electronic ballasts
  • Improving power factor
  • Preventative, regulatory and evolving maintenance
  • Fitting contracted power to real consumption needs
  • Adapting installations to Royal Decree RD 1890/2008 on energy efficiency for outdoor lighting installations
Lycos, tele-management of public street lighting
  • Lycos is a system designed to efficiently control public lighting systems geared specifically towards luminous sources using LED technology, which allows for remote control and monitoring of each point to make the most of the benefits of this type of technology.
  • Lycos adapts to all sorts of environments, thanks to its flexible architecture that provides high-performance solutions in both new and existing installations.