Range of latest-generation traffic-light regulators adapted to the SmartCity concept with local web server functions and integrated Bluetooth detection.


ARTIC is a software platform developed by the ALUVISA Systems Department that facilitates integrated management for exporters from all ITS devices normally associated with traffic management: ERUs, PIVS, ETDs, CCTV etc.

ARTIC is designed with a multilayer, multiplatform, multiprotocol client-server architecture, which makes it easy to roll out in any setting, regardless of the existing operating system, taking advantage of all the benefits in terms of scalability and the power of the object-oriented philosophy with which it was conceived.

ARTIC includes specific modules to manage any sort of ITS facility for traffic management: 

  • Centralised traffic-light control (harmonised protocols M, B, NTCIP, etc.)
  • Interurban ITS control (protocols DGT, DGC, etc.)
  • Tunnel control (architecture MIFO, DGT, DGC, etc.)

ARTIC is currently used by public administrations including: 

  • Government of Catalonia (Controlling all 19 km of motorway tunnels of the Government of Catalonia Directorate General for Land Mobility Infrastructures)
  • Government of Andorra (Centralised control from the National Traffic Centre – CENATRA of all installations throughout the country: traffic-light regulation, interurban control, controlling all motorway tunnels, etc.)

Acronym for Cloud Over Local Regulation Systems centralised traffic-light management system on the cloud

  • GOST: Acronym for Gestión Operativa de Sanciones de Tráfico: technology platform for operating traffic-fine systems in urban environments:
    • Chronos access: automatically detects vehicles that enter restricted areas
    • Chronos park: automatically detects vehicles that park or stop in restricted areas
    • Chronos redlight: automatically detects vehicles that run red lights
    • Chronos speed: detects vehicles speeding at one point or over a set section
    • Chronos stop: automatically detects vehicles that run stop signs