• SPEED & FLOW: system that adapts in real time to automatically regulate the flow of traffic in areas of transition between interurban and urban networks by posting speed limits for each lane and on predetermined sections of road.

Complex algorithm depending on demand levels and current weather conditions. Automatic and dynamic settings for fineable limits on speed sensors.

Centralised management system that can be operated manually or automatically, historical registry of situations, alarm control, traffic database and registry of travel time for set section.

  • ARTIC: software platform designed under the SMART CITY concept specialising in centralised management of all existing ITS devices: ERUs, PIVs, ETDs, CCTV, weather stations, etc. It is designed in CORBA architecture, which allows for distributed, secure, efficient use, regardless of the current operating system, of any urban or interurban ITS installation
  • ARTIC Tunnel: ARCTIC software platform specialising in centralised management of all motorway tunnels. Integrates centralised management of local devices in these infrastructures:
    • Ventilation
    • Fire detectors
    • Air quality
    • Communications
    • Fire detectors and extinguishers
    • Lighting control
    • Power and UPS control
    • SOS points
    • Loudspeakers
    • Tunnel entrance control
    • Automatic Detection of Incidents (DAI)
    • Automatic fining systems

  • CHRONOS: non-intrusive, high-performance LPR to automatically read license plates at very high speeds with great reliability, allowing it to be used for critical applications such as white lists, black lists, FreeFlow access control, legal vehicle status (ITV, insurance, police, etc.)
  • CHRONOS ADR: system to automatically detect hazardous cargo on the roads
    • Automatically identifies hazardous cargo
    • Detects multi-load containers (non-coded ADR placards)
    • Captures data from trailer
    • Captures data from vehicle
    • Selectively records context images
    • Determines origin/destination
    • Statistics
    • Portable systems
    • Highly efficient gathering
  • CHRONOS VT: System to fine vehicles for speeding over a set section of road
  • CHRONOS DATA: System to capture traffic data based on advanced LPR systems
    • Automatically detect license plates at speeds up to 250 km/h
    • Automatically determine origin/destination
    • Determining and predicting time to travel set sections of road
    • Registering speed of each vehicle
    • Registering each type of vehicle (up to 5 category settings)
    • Intensity and times of traffic
    • DGT-type ETD emulation
    • Information exploitation software
  • CHRONOS SPOT: System to fine vehicles for speeding at a specific point on the road using a revolutionary high-speed stereoscopic vision technique, precise enough to have a weather station