ALUVISA is a company with more than thirty years of experience, specialising in smart traffic-control (ITS) and streetlight systems

On our website, you can get an idea of the solutions we offer and the way we work, which is clearly service orientated and geared towards designing solutions with high value added for public administrations.


ALUVISA was founded on the 22nd of November 1977 in the city of Sabadell. Since then, we have been the concessionaire for maintenance and preservation of the streetlights and traffic-control installations in that city. In recent years, during these past years of deep economic recession, ALUVISA has posted huge growth, particularly due to a resolute commitment to new technology and internationalisation. As a result, ALUVISA currently has branches in Central America, Poland, Colombia and Andorra, as well as participating in projects in Morocco, Romania and eastern China. On a national level, ALUVISA has branches in Madrid, A Coruña, Cornellà de Llobregat, Sabadell and Mataró. Everyone on the ALUVISA team has extensive experience working with public administrations in different arenas, particular related to ITS and streetlight installations, and has participated actively in many benchmark projects in those sectors.


We are a service-orientated company that is highly specialised not only in executing projects to install and maintain traditional equipment but also in designing high value-added solutions to meet the needs of public administrations today. We offer products of our own design and tailored “turnkey” solutions, thanks to our highly qualified, highly experienced human-resources team.

The business activity of ALUVISA is aligned with the main aim of helping public administrations improve urban and interurban settings using technology, with the aim of making them more sustainable, more efficient, safer and more liveable for all residents.

Our aim is to optimise and rationalise services provided to administrations by properly implementing new technology.