Project to modernise

ALUVISA is carrying out the first project to modernise and centralise the traffic-management system in the city of Managua (Nicaragua). In addition to installing 52 dynamic-control traffic lights, this project also includes setting up a network of traffic-surveillance cameras and building and equipping a traffic-control centre for 25 operators. It also includes maintenance of the…

Molins de Rei

ALUVISA currently holds the contract to maintain, preserve and improve all traffic lights, variable or dynamic message signs, camera surveillance and entrance controls for sites owned or run by the town of Molins de Rei for 4 years.

ALUVISA currently holds

ALUVISA currently holds the contract to maintain all ITS traffic-management systems on the southern entrance to Barcelona for the Servei Català de Tránsit (Catalan Traffic Service). This project includes equipment for the variable-speed management system.